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About us

Troubled Skull Studio features Mixed Media works from artist "Skully Loco" based out of Houston Texas. We were once told "If it's not oil on canvas, its not real fine art". Well, we disagree! However, the more we searched the world for fine art, the more we realized that maybe we just didn't fit in. So are we the "black sheep" of the fine art family? Well, we certainly hope so! For this reason, we have continued to be encouraged to go against the grain. We believe there shouldn't be any rules or restrictions in what we create or call art.  We create abstract works with left over construction materials/tools, roofing tar, oils, acrylics, inks, encaustic (wax), resin, spray paints, and any other found objects or mediums. For us art is an ongoing experiment and progression into complete freedom of expression that is limitless and unpredictable. Art is what we crave, art is our passion!