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Attention Decorators, Designers, & Decision Makers...Why Not Re-art!


noun  \rē-ˈärt\

: Art created or recreated by using reclaimed, found, or re-purposed objects 

verb  \rē-ˈärt\

: To create or recreate art by using reclaimed, found, or re-purposed objects 


Re-Art, Up-cycle, Re-cycle, Found objects, Mixed Media, Freestyle Media, whatever the current trend is calling it, we dig it! We use it all, come and get cha' some!


 Tile Spacers, Roofing Tar, Construction Moisture Barrier, Caulking, Tin Foil, Wax, Nails, Ground Wire, Tiles, Speaker Covers, Saw Blades, & Dry Wall Tape Re-art!


Commission Jobs Welcomed!


Let us take discarded materials from your home remodel, broken or outdated occupational tools, or items used for  your favorite hobby and Re-art a personalized work of art just for you in exactly the right size and colors to compliment your space. We can even turn accidents into accent pieces. Call us today to schedule a consultation!


 832 856 1122